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1802 Vatican documented reliquary theca with relics of Saint Apollonia of Alexandria, Martyr & patron of dentistry

Oval brass glass-fronted reliquary housing the first-class ex ossibus (of the bone) relics of Saint Apollonia. The relic is affixed to the background of red silk ground surrounded by paperolle and silver wire ornamentation and identified in Latin on a typeset cedula label as S. Apolloni / Virg. e Mart. (St. Apollonia, Virgin & Martyr). On the back, the theca is secured with a perfectly preserved seal of red Spanish wax bearing an imprint with a coat of arms of Fr. Giuseppe Bartolomeo Menocchio, O.E.S.A. (1741- 1823), Titular Bishop of Porphyreon and Sacristan of His Holiness Pius VII. The relic is accompanied by the original matching authentics document issued by Fr. Menocchio in 1802.

Saint Apollonia was one of a group of virgin martyrs who suffered in Alexandria during a local uprising against the Christians prior to the persecution of Decius. According to church tradition, her torture included having all of her teeth violently pulled out or shattered. For this reason, she is popularly regarded as the patroness of dentistry and those suffering from toothache or other dental problems. She is venerated in Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, and Oriental Orthodoxy, and her feast day is celebrated on February 9.

Additional Info

  • ID#: 235-RSCR-4
  • Size: 28 x 24 mm
  • Age: ca. 1802
  • Origin: Vatican
  • Materials: silvered brass, glass, silk, paper, Spanish wax
  • Price: $1,750
  • Orthodox Cross
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